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May 20, 2023
Beginner Lace Class following a short meeting starting at 10 a.m..

Introduction & Next Steps in Bobbin Lace
For absolute novices and for those who have taken an introductory class.  Try out the foundational stitches of bobbin lace making in a small sampler.  Or, learn to make ground stitches -- the background for bobbin lace. 
May 20, 11 am to 2:00 pm.  $20 fee  
Elmhurst Public Library
You may borrow materials from the Guild for free with the class fee.  
Beginning Lace kits will be available for purchase for $50.  Kits include: pillow, bobbins, pins, and beginner book. 
Register to save your space by emailing


L.A.C.E. welcomes beginning lacemakers to our Guild.  This is our lessons and information page for Beginning Lacemakers.
If you have questions for us, please contact the Webmaster.

We will begin with a Beginners Booklist. These titles have been recommended by our members. While many of you may prefer to own
your own books, the quild does have a library. The librarian is Nancy Jones and her list of titles and direction to use the library can be
found on the Members page on this website. I will say that while we have a terrific collection, you must be a paying member in good
standing to use the library.

However, you might wish to purchase your own titles.

In many cases the book you wish to buy may be out of print. If you cannot buy from the original pubisher, or first issue, your book may be in the hands of used book dealers and often the prices differ amoung them.
Do not settle for the first price you find!!!  OP is the marking for a book that is Out of Print.

Author Title Pub date ISBN Comments
Cook, Bridget M. The Torchon Lace Workbook 1987, 1989, 2021 312021194 Excellent written description of the basic stitches. Excellent reference book for bobbin lace techniques.
Dye, Gilian, Thunder, Adrienne Beginners Guide to Bobbin Lace 2008 ‎ 0852196091 Good introduction to the basics using thicker thread
Southard, Doris Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking 1977 48627122 Start at the beginning and work to the end. I always told people I taught that it could keep you busy for years to come!
    Ms. Southard teaches the "Open Method" of making lace which is quite the opposite of the Closed Method most of us use. See the Member page for a paper written on this topic.
Springett, Christine The Torchon Lace Book 1993 951715720 OP Excellent beginner book. Great working diagrams with labeled pin numbers to help you work the pattern. Lots of variety to the patterns. Good written explanations plus separate DVDs available for purchase.
Stott, Geraldine The Bobbin Lace Manual 1989 486261948 Good basic instruction and organized notes on techniques of corners in the latter part of the manual. A tape lace butterfly. Also some diagrams in color.
Tredgigo, Jan Torchon Lacemaking: a step by step guide 2010 1847972012 Uses color to help follow the paths of the threads; covers many details not always covered, e.g. footside and headside variations, different types of fans, turning corners and starting and ending a square, rectangular, or triangular piece; includes the order of working out different sections of a design. Very attractive patterns in COLOR , which makes understanding thread paths easy.
Reference Books for Beginners up to very Advanced.
Author Title Pub date ISBN Comments
Cook, Bridget M, & Geraldine Stott. Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches. 1980, 1982, 1984, PB 2002. 486422283 Each page devoted to one of the many complex stitches and illustrates the completed stitch along with an enlargement. Great for lace designers, but also great to learn stitches as the drawing are quite easy to follow.
Cook, Bridget M. Practical Skills in Bobbin Lace 1987, 1997 486255611 Regardless of the type lace, skills are included with hand-drawn illustrations. Chapters divided by type of movement, not type of lace.
Edkins, Jo  Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques: a reference book of the basics 1996 804341452 Has diagrams and descriptions of common bobbin lace stitches, grounds, headsides, footsides, and other techniques.
Paternoster, Brenda Threads for Lace, Edition 7 2021 OP Survey and comparison of 1,425 lacemaking and other threads. Invaluable. Includes thread construction, fibers, and correct selection of thread size for your project. Listings by size, company, and Twists.
Stillwell, Alexandra Cassell Illustrated Dictionary of Lacemaking 1996 804341452 Alphabetical listing of lacemaking terminology with excellent diagrams and illustrations. Appendix has markings on prickings explained.

NOTE:  At least one beginner class is scheduled to follow a meeting each year. These classes are two hours in length and
are presented free of charge.
The class is meant to be an introduction to beginning Torchon Lacemaking. The class is usually free to participants.

Contact the webmaster if you or your group would be interested in a beginner's lesson.